Hosta Dixie Chick

Hosta Dixie Chick


Hosta Dixie Chick

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Hosta Dixie Chick is a good glossy leaved small Hosta. Heavy substance for the size of the plant, with a lovely satin sheen to the dark green leaves. which have a white margin, usually pencil thin but sometimes surprises and comes out a bit wider. This slight instability also means there is a slight tendency to revert, not as seriously as some varieties, but worth keeping an eye on and removing the plain divisions when they appear. Like most Hostas, the plant quite enjoys this, as they seem to benefit from a bit of sympathetic disturbance in the growing season. Topped with lavender flowers in later summer, which some find attractive. The clump will reach up to 15cm tall, and 30cm or so wide, makes a good subject for a small container and tough enough to work well in the border, or perhaps may used as an unusual alpine providing it has enough water.


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