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Hosta Paradigm


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Hosta Paradigm was awarded AHS Hosta of the Year 2007. Lovely strong large Hosta of, strong in growth and robust in make up. It’s lovely large leaves are quite heavily corrugated. On emerging they look fairly plain green, but then the gold centre starts to develop, and is quite bright by June. Also in June it throws up lots of spikes of lovely pink tinted white flowers, which I have found work really well as a cut flower. That was accidentally, I was dividing a large batch of plants, during which process I generally remove any flower scapes, but the flowers were just too fine to throw in the compost, so I put them in jars in the office! This corker of a variety really should be better known in the UK. I did put it into tissue culture, but too many come out plain green for TC to be economical, so now all my plants are from division. I also find it is very stable, rarely reverts, unlike Hosta Brother Stephan, which has always proved unstable for me.


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