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Thuja (Platycladus) orientalis Flame


We appear to be now the sole growers of this attractive variety.

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We appear to be now the sole growers of this attractive variety, a plant of which was given to me buy a collector many years ago.  Forms a conical plant that grows 10-20 cm per year, but slows with age. Good bright gold colour in the summer, but as its name hints at takes on red hues in the winter, particularly in exposed positions. More conical and faster growing than the ubiquitous variety Aurea Nana, and makes a lovely small specimen plant. You can see the distinct shape and winter colour in the second picture here, taken early January 2014, and looking slightly battered by the Christmas storms of the past week There is a slightly younger Aurea Nana just to the left of it, so you can see how different they are. Out of interest, to the left of that is a Chamaecyparis Treasure, and in front a Juniper Gold Star, which is like a dwarf X Phitzeriana Aurea.


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