Welcome to Stafford Lake Nursery

Stafford Lake Nursery is a family owned business that has been on the site for over 40 years. We grow primarily Hostas, dwarf conifers and hedging. We are a proper production nursery, largely wholesale but since the coronovirus lockdown and many of our trade customers having to shgut for a while, like a lot of businesses have been offering online retail sales. These have gone quite well and we have many happy customers, so we are keeping the service going.

Our Hostas are 100% British, all grown here by division or in collaboration with a UK tissue culture laboratory, and we have been growing Hostas professionally for decades.  We do not buy in or import any Hostas for sale, so are free of the dreaded HVX.  The plants are generally quite generous in size for their variety. Mail order for Hostas is £6, sent first class royal mail. We are a production nursery, but visitors are welcome strictly by appointment to view our plant collections.

Dwarf conifers are sadly neglected in the UK. I nearly stopped growing them in about 2015, then demand picked up and so I have been building them back up again. We grow quite a few varieties that are not generally available. For me conifers are about form and texture, and most that we grow are selected for their long term garden attributes rather than ease of propagation. Mail order is a bit trickier with conifers, prefer customers to collect, but we do sometimes send them out and charge at cost. Please call my mobile or email if you need conifers sending or wish to collect.

We still grow hedging here, prices and availability on request, if we haven’t got it in stock then we can usually obtain it fairly quickly.

Any potential trade customers (plantaria managers, other nurseries, landscapers) please feel free to contact us. We supply some of the top garden centrees in the UK and offer a proper professional service – labels, bar coding etc.

Telephone on 07738 241871 (excuse the mobile number, but I am not usually in the office during the day, too busy growing plants or delivering wholesale orders)  or email us at enquiries@staffordlake.co.uk or if that one bounces back markxzx@hotmail.com is the backup address.