At Stafford Lake we have been growing conifers for many years. Althougyh they are not as popular as they once were, they still have their place in the garden and landscape. In the garden they can provide a bit of year round structure, and we find at the moment that tall, narrow varieties seem to be very much in demand. A problem in the past has been varieties marketed as being slower growing than they actually are, so we are honest about growth rates here. Some varieties are also, well just a bit nondescript and naff, so we have stopped growing these. I have spent a lot of time merchandising in the past, so know what sells in retail centres and what hangs about looking untidy, so have dropped a lot of the less useful and popular varieties. I also took not while merchandising of what gardeners wanted to know about plants, and have incorporated this into our very smart labelling. Talking of which, for garden centres we label, price and bar code at no extra cost.

We offer plants from 1l through to 25l, but most of our stock is in 2/3 litre or 10 litre pots.

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