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Hosta tardiflora


Hosta tardiflora


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Hosta tardiflora is an important species Hosta. This plant has glossy, deep green leaves of good substance, and is at the root of many of our favourite varieties. It is the ‘tardi’ bit in tardiana, where it is has been crossed with sieboldiana, and that has given us many wonderful blues, including Halcyon, from which we derive such delights as June, First Frost, Devon Green and so many others. It is a lovely smallish plant in it’s own right, and it is essential for anyone considering a bit of Hosta breeding to have a number of healthy examples to work with. tardiflora translates as late flowering, the example of the flower here is taken on September 30th. The leaves unfortunately were singed in the ridiculous late spring frost of 2016, so excuse the browning on them.


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