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Hosta Bedford Rise and Shine


Hosta Bedford Rise and Shine

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Hosta Bedford Rise and Shine is a bright smaller nedium plant. Emerges with deep emerald leaves embellished with a bright gold border, and as the season progresses the green deepens a little and the gold fades to cream. Red blushing of the petioles and and pretty mid purple flowers add to the overall colourful nature of this gem of a Hosta. An Ian Chrystal plant, originally it didn’t have the Bedford prefix, but there was already a gold Hosta with the Rise and Shine name, so it had to be added. A hybrid of h. yingeri and Little Wonder, so has good parents. Forms a dense clump, to¬† around 50cm across eventually, ideal for borders or pots that get morning sun but perhaps are shaded a bit more in the afternoon.


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